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I created Prosper Now because I know that no two businesses are the same. The problem with large marketing agencies is that they don’t take the time to create customized marketing strategies for each different business they work with.

Hey Fam,

I’m Bianka, Your New Go-To Marketing Strategist

I am Bianka Curvey, A.K.A Thee H-Town Marketing Hottie!

I’ve worked in the service industry all of my life. I’ve learned how to make customers happy: listen to what they need. In college, I studied marketing and media studies where I learned how to review customer sentiments and create solutions that address concerns while still promoting what’s ultimately wanted. I’ve also worked with national and international companies to analyze their entire marketing strategies and pinpoint what is and isn’t working to maximize their reach and increase their customer retention.

Now, I work with small business owners, just like you, to help create customized marketing strategies that work for your business. Working smarter not harder is my key to success and now I am going to teach you how to do the same.

Where You Are Now

Where You Want To Be


I have known Bianka since 2017 and she has been an inspiration for me in my work. She is organized and skilled in communication and video production. When directing videos for me, She keeps me motivated and on point with my message and target. She explains things carefully and concisely for me to understand. She is patient in helping me produce content and instrumental in helping me deliver my message to my target audience. Bianka is honest, trustworthy and hardworking. I will continue to work with her and use her good judgement as long as it is available.

Stan McDonald
    Stan McDonald

    Owner Stans Hands Massage And Wellness

    Bianka is great at what she does. When we hired her we were expecting someone to fill in and follow the systems we already established. Bianka came in and improved our systems and has helped us grow so much in just 2 months! We have seen improvement in our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and she even updated our entire website. Bianka has surpassed any of our expectations and we are extremely happy with her work.

    Umar Al Duha
      Umar Al Duha


      I feel like Bianka showed me something that I didn't know anything about. Like obviously, I knew what repurposing my content meant. But being able to see the numbers behind it, and exactly how I could do it was good to see because it allowed me to kind of bring it full circle!

      Lenae Meyers
        Lenae Meyers

        VA & Productivity Coach

        Bianka has been such a treasure. She has been great at generating ideas and letting me know what's going on with metrics, and numbers. Helping me figure out the things that my audience likes and is really attaching to. Versus me, I am really feelings-based. What are people needing, what is the energy, what are people needing, and she's been able to like really lay it down for me.

        Shena Tubbs
          Shena Tubbs

          herapist, Coach, and Podcaster

          You don’t have to be overwhelmed and stressed over your marketing anymore!

          While no two businesses are the same, the steps to fixing marketing strategies are. Since I've been doing this marketing thing for the past 5 years I created a system to create, rehab, and optimize marketing strategies.

          Are you ready for your business to Prosper Now?